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The Powder Mill Gates The Powder Mill Gates Is A Testament To The Endurance And Spirit Of The Powdermakers And To The Sacrifice Of The Families Who Waited By The Mill Gates For Word Of Their Loved Ones After Each Explosion It Strives To Answer Questions Such As, What Was It Like To Spend A Day In A Powder Mill Where One Could Be Blown Up At Any Minute What Type Of Man Did It Take To Walk The Powder Line Each Day Did Living Constantly In The Midst Of Danger Give One Nerves Of Steel Or Were These Gunpowder Men Naturally Daring Generously Illustrated With Rarely Seen Photos.

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    The patriotism of the people who worked in the powder mills during the war was only exceeded by the front line soldiers On the day of the final explosion Helen remembered her mother at the sink The tree lined village with its substantial homes and churches lit by new stained glass sat chilled by a March wind off the river The men were at the powder mill Some men worked there because they had to, but some came for the excitement of working a dangerous job And dangerous it was.The powder necessary for guns, signalling devices, whaling harpoons and later for movie making filtered into every shirt pocket, every wrinkle of a man s skin with each tiny particle ready to explode from the smallest spark, the tiniest mistake of a worker The mill made the town and the town devoted itself to the mill Children delivered lunch pails to their fathers but only at a safe distance though no place in town was truly safe when the mills exploded as they occasionally did.Windows shattered, dishes crashed to the floor and hearts froze when the mill whistles blew signalling danger, yet on most days the townsfolk lived happy, productive lives either at peace with life s inherent dangers or unable to really imagine that one small spark could take their lives Other people died young a man with young children, camaraderie at the mill and lazy evenings spent chatting on the po...

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