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Holiday Romance A Holiday Romance Is A Collection Of Four Short Interconnected Stories Written From The Point Of View Of Four Children The Children Are On Holiday And Are Living Out Their Fantasies, Which Come From All Manner Of Adventure And Romance Stories And Involve Everything From Weddings To Courts Martial, To Pass The Time With This Work, Dickens Seeks Not Only To Entertain But To Advocate For Freedom Of Imagination And Fancy.

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    This beginning part is not made out of anybody s head, you know It s real You must believe this beginning partthan what comes after, else you won t understand how what comes after came to be written You must believe it all but you must believe this most, please I am the editor of it Bob Redforth he s my cousin, and shaking the table on purpose wanted to be the editor of it but I said he shouldn t because he couldn t He has no idea of b This beginning part is not made out of anybody s head, you know It s real Y...

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    Utterly charming short stories written by four children The language and humour is so utterly Dickens, but the way in which they re written truly seem as if by children The stories reflect the social standings of the day, wherein the boys have adventure and the girls have romance, but the boys also have romance in their own way, and the girls also have adventure in their own way I often forgot they were not actually written by children at all.Blog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Utterly charming sho...

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    First story 3.5 5Second story 1 5Third story 2 5Fourth story 4 5

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    I only read the title story novella Holiday Romance Not sure what Dickens was going for, but I found it a bit tedious and didn t really enjoy the read It was made of four parts, stories by each of the four children characters of their romance, but the whole thing could ...

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    Super cute book written from the perspective of very imaginative children Quite fun and still Dickens esque.

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    A cute little short story told from the perspectives of four children ages 6 9 Each child makes up a story about being a sea captain, or living in a land without grownups, having a magic godmother, or simply playing with the...

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    Nobody told me that Dickens is fun.

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    I get what Dickens was doing here but I didn t really enjoy reading it.

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    Started Holiday Romance 21 December 2013, Finished 23 December 2013 as part of challenge to read all of Dickens works.A cutesy story of romance as written by children Pure fantasy and an amazing insight into a child s way of thinking The first part portrays the childhood romance as a whole, which ends because they have to wait until ...

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    The romances of 2 couples aged 6 to 8 years old each child has their own short story of what their romance is like Charming stories I especially liked the one where children are in charge and grown ups called children in that land have to do as they are bid can be sent off to boarding school

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