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Stalin: A New History The Recent Declassification Of A Substantial Portion Of Stalin S Archive Has Made Possible This Fundamental New Assessment Of The Controversial Soviet Leader Leading International Experts Accordingly Challenge Many Assumptions About Stalin From His Early Life In Georgia To The Cold War Years With Contributions Ranging Across The Political, Economic, Social, Cultural, Ideological And International History Of The Stalin Era The Volume Provides A Profound Understanding Of Stalin S Power And One Of The Most Important Leaders Of The Twentieth Century.

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    This book is full of nuggets of incisive evidence based scholarship wrapped up in unconvincing feints toward traditional totalitarian theory histories of Stalin Like they were afraid the book wouldn t get published if they didn t pay lip service to the left anti communist intellectual crowd, especially in the first handful of papers This serves to strengthen the positive, evidence based images of Stalin because those come off as nuanced and alive while the Western traditional received wisdom elements are cartoonish and one dimensional.This is a pretty great history book, especially considering it was written by bourgeois historians Reading it with an understanding of cla...

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    This is a good read for anyone concerned with Soviet history, Marxist ideology to an extent , and, of course, Stalin It s not a biography, but rather a series of essays from historians focusing on different aspects of Stalin It challenges a lot of theories on Stalin that have arisen over the years, as it is largely based on previously ...

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