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To Be (Mis)read Can A Love Triangle Have Only Two People In It Online, It Can But In The Real World, It S Complicated In This Debut Novel That S Perfect For Fans Of Jenny Han And Morgan Matson, Marisa Kanter Hilariously And Poignantly Explores What Happens When Internet Friends Turn Into IRL Crushes Is It Still A Love Triangle If There Are Only Two People In It There Are A Million Things That Halle Levitt Likes About Her Online Best Friend, NashHe S An Incredibly Talented Graphic Novelist He Loves Books Almost As Much As She Does And She Never Has To Deal With The Awkwardness Of Seeing Him In Real Life They Can Talk About Anything Except Who She Really IsBecause Online, Halle Isn T Halle She S Kels, The Enigmatically Cool Creator Of One True Pastry, A YA Book Blog That Pairs Epic Custom Cupcakes With Covers And Reviews Kels Has Everything Halle Doesn T Friends, A Growing Platform, Tons Of Confidence, And NashThat Is, Until Halle Arrives To Spend Senior Year In Gramps S Small Town And Finds Herself Face To Face With Real, Human, Not Behind A Screen Nash Nash, Who Is Somehow Everywhere She Goes In Her Classes, At The Bakery, Even At SynagogueNash Who Has No Idea She S Actually KelsIf Halle Tells Him Who She Is, It Will Ruin The Non Awkward Magic Of Their Digital Friendship Not Telling Him Though, Means It Can Never Be Anything Because While She Starts To Fall For Nash As Halle He S In Love With Kels

  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • To Be (Mis)read
  • Marisa Kanter
  • English
  • 16 September 2019
  • 9781534445772

About the Author: Marisa Kanter

Marisa Kanter has worked in publicity for major publishers and covered YA books for MTV Currently, she works in sales, on the distribution side of the publishing industry She can often be found searching for the best iced chai in NYC, or reading on the 3 train What I Like About You is her first novel Follow her at marisakanter.com and on Twitter marisakanter

10 thoughts on “To Be (Mis)read

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    WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU is a YA gem and one of my all time favorite books Marisa Kanter has such an authentic teen voice, and I fell head over heels for her characters The Jewish rep in this book is the closest to my own upbringing, which was so wonderful to see I also love the way Marisa treats online friendships as the valid, important relationships they are It s a lovely, special book that made me smile, laugh, cry, and hug it tightly to my chest.

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    I really hope this doesn t do to book bloggers what FANGIRL did to fangirls because I would be really, really sad if that happened.Crossing my fingers that this is good.

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    this sadly was not like Miraculous Ladybug with a fake love square that is actually a line, and it was instead a fake love triangle that is actually a line but with a lot of lying3.5 stars

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    4.5 5 starsWhat I Like About You is a debut Young Adult contemporary romance.This is such a cute YA read I really enjoyed this book The girl in this book writes a blog where she combines her love for reading Young Adult books with her love for making cupcakes She designs cupcakes to go with her favorite YA books.This book takes place in Middleton, Connecticut The narrator is Halle senior in high school 1st person POV.Halle loves books and she loves baking Online she is known as Kels, a YA book blogger and founder of One True Pastry She bakes cupcakes to match YA book covers.There was so much to like about this book I absolutely adored her family Her gramps and brother Ollie are both major supporting characters in this book I liked how we got to see her grandfather deal with the loss of his wife And I really liked how close she was with her brother.Her parents are Academy Award nominated documentary directors So this was an interesting and different part of the story Especially since they were out of the country travelling.Even though her grandmother has recently died She was such a big part of this story Her grandmother was such a big part of her life, as she worked in publishing I loved everything to do with her grandmother But it was definitely very sad.I really liked how Judaism played such an important part in the book Halle and her family are Jewish And there are a bunch of other Jewish characters and customs featured throughout this book.The book also dealt a lot with anxiety and panic attacks, which I thought added a lot to this story.The book also looked at Friendships in real life and online , college acceptances, Loss Grieving and keeping secrets.Halle is two people Online she is known as Kels She is best friends with Nash And she has a lot of blogger friends In person she is shy and anxious She loves books but hates crowds She is obsessed with getting into NYU.I feel like this book had everything that I could want a Jewish family, a narrator who is a book blogger, cupcakes matching YA book covers, books being made into movies, book cover reveals, book conventions It was just full of so much that I love.Also the romance was really cute Yes the story was at times a bit bizarre and not overly unpredictable But I still liked it so much.Overall I really liked this book But the end left me wanting I feel like the book could have used an epilogue or a sequel, as I really wanted to see what happened after the last scene But I would definitely recommend this book as it was such a charming read Thanks to netgalley and Simon Schuster Canada for allowing me to read this book.

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    This book better come with a cupcake recipe Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    I was super lucky to read an early copy of this amazing book Marisa s debut is a complex tale of mistaken or hidden identity, family complications, and first loves, all wrapped up in a sweet, sassy package Think a delectable mix of Morgan Matson, ALWAYS NEVER YOURS, and a splash of The Great British Bake Off yes, there are PLENTY of desserts to be found The characters and situations ring true, and there s plenty of fandom and blogging references to keep teens fervently flipping pages Full review to come closer to publication

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    This was too freaking adorable for words, and I looooved all the stuff about book blogging, internet friendships, and YA It was really freaking stressful waiting for the truth to come out like, among the most stressed I have been in a rom com but super worth it and I would pay than zero dollars for epilogue.TW view spoiler Deceased sibling hide spoiler

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    Predictable, but oh sooo cute

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    AHHH this is one of the cutest books I ve ever read And I m saying that in an entirely unbiased way I finished this book in two days with, like, 80% of it in one hit , because it is just That Fun Halle has the most endearing, hilarious voice Once you start reading her, it s like you know her in real life And even though I didn t agree with her decisions good god I facepalmed at some of them I totally understood how she got there And she was facepalming at herself right along with me, so it was less I m annoyed at this character doing stupid stuff and Oh my god, girl, look what you ve DONE NOW, how are we gonna get OUT OF THIS Her relationship with Nash was adorable They had sizzling chemistry, and when they talked you actually understood why they liked each other Nothing puts me off a romance than when we re told characters are soulmates but we don t see it Here, trust me, YA SEE IT Setting aside the main characters, though, I m seriously impressed with the side characters Rarely am I able to keep secondary characters straight, but here they were all so defined , had their own goals and wants and dialogue and Ollie, Halle s little brother, was so sweet and supportive The family relationships in this were SO WELL DONE, and I absolutely adored reading this sibling relationship It wasn t sickeningly sweet, just realistic, close sibling love that I can 100% relate to, as someone whose sibling is one of my best friends If you like yourself a laugh out loud funny rom com with endearing characters, lots of diversity, a FUN plot, characters you will TOTALLY ship, heartwarming family moments and an extremely realistic view of online friendships put this one on your pre order list right this moment, because it s got all you ever needed.

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    I was lucky enough to read an early version of TO BE MIS READ and I love this book with my whole heart It s nerdy and Jewish and encapsulates absolutely everything I love about online friendships These characters feel real even when they re lying about who they are, and so do the cupcakes which is too bad, because you can t eat them Also I am 1 Gramps fan He s perfect Everyone else can go home.

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