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The Girl and the Stars In The Ice, East Of The Black Rock, There Is A Hole Into Which Broken Children Are ThrownOn Abeth The Vastness Of The Ice Holds No Room For Individuals Survival Together Is Barely Possible No One Survives AloneTo Resist The Cold, To Endure The Months Of Night When Even The Air Itself Begins To Freeze, Requires A Special Breed Variation Is Dangerous, Difference Is Fatal And Yaz Is Not The SameYaz Is Torn From The Only Life She S Ever Known, Away From Her Family, From The Boy She Thought She Would Spend Her Days With, And Has To Carve Out A New Path For Herself In A World Whose Existence She Never Suspected A World Full Of Difference And Mystery And DangerYaz Learns That Abeth Is Older And Stranger Than She Had Ever Imagined She Learns That Her Weaknesses Are Another Kind Of Strength And She Learns To Challenge The Cruel Arithmetic Of Survival That Has Always Governed Her PeopleOnly When It S Darkest You Can See The Stars

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    STOP PRESS The UK cover is revealed on Fantasy Faction Copies now available on UK netgalley.The US cover has been released ARCs have landed chez Lawrence You might think you want an ARC of The Girl And The Stars than Ruby does But you d be wrong Join my 3 emails a year newsletter Prizes ExtraContent.

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    I see it.I like it.I want it.I internally scream because it hasn t been released yet Also, this is Mark Lawrence so you know you re in for a RIDE

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    I received an uncorrected proof copy of The Girl and the Stars I would like to thank Mark Lawrence and Harper Voyager for the opportunity This tale is set in the same world as The Book of the Ancestor, yet in a completely different environment We follow Yaz, a sixteen year old member of the ice tribe the Ithca To progress from being a child and ascending to adulthood the younger members of all the tribes have to be judged by regulator Kazik All the clans converse at the Pit of the Missing where the judgement will take place Any individuals who show weakness, strangeness or unaccustomed qualities are deemed to be unable to survive on the ice They are the Broken In the ice, east of the Black Rock, there is a hole into which broken children are thrown Our protagonist Yaz fears the worst She truly believes she is destined for the harrowing darkness and the unknown horrors of the pit If she survives the fall Yaz suffers from fatigue on long treks far faster than her comrades She can keep up with them as every few days she can touch The River which is essentially The Path which readers of the previous trilogy will be familiar with This helps her gain extra strength, resistance and power The regulator can supposedly see into individuals hearts and souls so will surely see Yaz s secret and she will be eternally banished Yaz ends up in the pit as does her twelve year old brother Zeen They don t fall together and most of the narrative is the protagonist trying to rescue her brother Initially she is alone in the penetrating darkness it is claustrophobic and builds up extreme tension as she tries to survive and navigate this alien environment This constructed atmosphere underground was reminiscent of segments featured in Graham Austin King s Faithless, Jules Vernes Journey to the Centre of the Earth It also hads elements that are similar to those showcased in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild especially with some of the monstrosities that lurk in the darkness known as Hunters Fortunately, Yaz doesn t spend her whole time walking around alone in the gloom When a demon infested flesh eating gerant giant attacks her she is saved by other members of the Broken It transpires that there are many such as her who have had to brave the drop and there is actually a sort of civilisation beneath all that she has ever known on the surface.In similar fashion to Lawrence s work that I have read so far, we only follow one point of view perspective Yaz is excellent lead character She is extremely powerful but doesn t really know how, why or if she should use these talents In addition, the ensemble of supporting players feature some of the finest that Lawrence has ever crafted Examples include the former demon tainted Thurin, the thousand year old mysterious but insightful and insanely strong Erris, and the seemingly shy but capable shadow weaving assassin Maya This novel, as previously mentioned, is set in Abeth, the same world as Book of the Ancestor Apart from the excellent writing, unique magics, and that the characters are crafted brilliantly, what is presented here is quite different You can read this without knowledge from the previous trilogy, however I believe your enjoyment will be heightened by at least 20 per cent if you had As far as I can acknowledge, none of the characters crossover here This led me to ask Mark when this was set in relation to the former trilogy He replied essentially saying I d have to carry on with the series to find out which makes it intently exciting to find out Will Nona meet Yaz like Jalan met Jorg Exciting times are ahead in this series for sure Luckily Mark is one of the most proactive top tier fantasy authors currently writing so hopefully, I will not have to wait that long to find out The finale has an intense and shocking cliffhanger too and I can t wait to see how the narrative continues in Book of the Ice s next instalment Lawrence had already constructed a unique and astonishing world with Abeth In The Girl and the Stars, we are introduced to new Gods, terminology, factions, and emotions It features but is not limited to monsters, twists, darkness, civil war, betrayal, possessions, true friendships, and sibling love are just a few of the themes presented here.This is a exceptional, haunting, claustrophobic take on fantasy that presents some of Lawrence s finest storytelling It s an incredible and emotional adventure I have no idea what comes next and I can t wait to find out Lawrence goes from strength to strength with every release.

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    OMG this is obviously being added to my never ending TBR

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    Oh hell yes The Girl and the StarsPrologueMany babies have killed, but it is very rare that the victim is not their mother.When the father handed his infant to the priestess to speak its fortune the child stopped screaming and in its place she began to howl, filling the silence left behind.Omens are difficult and open to interpretation but if the oracle that touches your new born dies moments later, frothing at the mouth, it is hard even with a mother s love to think it a good sign.In such cases a second opinion is often sought

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    Abeth, a frozen ice planet Many years ago, a home to Nona and the sisters of the Sweet Mercy convent Now home to nothing but wandering ice tribes, struggling to survive in the harshest conditions imaginable.To survive is to sacrifice Outliers must be culled Whether you are weak and lag behind, or if you re too big or strong and eat than the average share, then you can no longer exist within the tribe You are thrown away, torn from your home and family forever Yaz, our teenage protagonist, finds herself in this position at the onset of the story, and we follow her journey down the rabbit hole into an unforgiving world of danger, mystery, magic, science fiction, politics, horror, and so much .To go into any detail will spoil some of the fun, but I will mention that the story was impossible to categorize, as it created a genre all to its own What to call it is up to you Icepunk Sure, why not It s not news that Lawrence continues to get better with every book This is something we ve known for years But this is a different kind of story than what we re used to from him It has a drive to it, a pulse, a gearshift that kicks higher and higher.Long shrouded mysteries that were first hinted at in The Broken Empire and carried over through The Red Queen s War and The Book of the Ancestor were finally being cracked open wide here, revealing that Lawrence has been low key creating a shared universe of his work all along What else could be in store for the future of the Yaz mere We can already access two different series in two different eras Perhaps there s a third era of time in which we can further expand on the lore of a mysterious race or two But I m getting way ahead of myself This book is having that effect on me It s provoking wild theories and getting me very, very excited for what s to come It s that kind of book.Every chapter kept getting better and better There were many questions I had during The Book of the Ancestor series that were addressed here New abilities, new environments, new threats, new characters to love and hate, themes and questions carried over from Nona s story, a ton of new mysteries to solve it was plain to see how carefully the scenes were constructed, and it all flowed wonderfully Almost every chapter had something breath catching in it The Girl and the Stars is than the start of a new series It s the culmination of some of the best ideas of Lawrence s previous works while promising that amazing things are still to come I can t wait to get my hands on the next Icepunk book in the Yaz mere ARC via HarperCollinsUK The Girl and the Stars with be released on April 30, 2020 Pre order it here.9.5 10

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    I see Read, currently reading and to read when I am adding this but where is my Want to read this so bad option _ _

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    If Mark Lawrence was a new author The Girl and the Stars would be the SFF debut of the year.I blogged about the book here no spoilers

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