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The ABCs of Oceans (The Abcs of the Natural World) This Title Is Intended For Ages 6 To 10 Years Did You Know That A Tiny Sea Jelly The Size Of Your Fingernail Can Kill A Person Oceans Are Filled With Some Of The Most Colourful Creatures Alive And Some Of The Deadliest Young Children Will Be Thrilled By The Animals Featured In This Exciting ABC Books With Identifies Everything Under The Sea, From Colourful Nudibranchs, Sea Cucumbers, And Clownfish To Deadly Electric Eels, Stingrays, Great White Sharks, And Sea Jellies.

About the Author: Bobbie Kalman

Bobbie Kalman is the award winning author of than 400 non fiction books She established herself as a leading author in children s non fiction in the 1980 s and 90 s with two acclaimed series about pioneer life, The Early Settler Life Series 15 titles and The Historic Communities Series 31 titles , both published by Crabtree Publishing She has created many of Crabtree s most popular serie

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    I misinterpreted the titleI thought it meant the abc s, you know, the basics, the facts.it was literalthere is an entry for each letter of the alphabet very cool The information is great one short paragraph per entry , the photographs amazing,...

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    Good for an ABC book Not at all too young

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