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It Sounded Better in My Head From Debut Author Nina Kenwood Comes A Tender, Funny, And Compulsively Readable Novel About First Love And Its Confusions, And All Of The Awkwardness Of Teen RomanceWhen Her Parents Announce Their Impending Divorce, Natalie Can T Understand Why No One Is Fighting, Or At Least Mildly Upset Then Zach And Lucy, Her Two Best Friends, Hook Up, Leaving Her Feeling Slightly Miffed And Decidedly Awkward She D Always Imagined She Would End Up With Zach One Day In The Version Of Her Life That Played Out Like A TV Show, With Just The Right Amount Of Banter, Pining, And Meaningful Looks Now Everything Has Changed, And Nothing Is Quite Making Sense Until An Unexpected Romance Comes Along And Shakes Things Up Even Further It Sounded Better In My Head Is A Compulsively Readable Love Letter To Teenage Romance In All Of Its Awkward Glory, Perfect For Fans To All The Boys I Ve Loved Before And Emergency Contact

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    This book is better than I expected It also sounded so good in my head I went back and forth between four and five stars and guess what my happy new year spirits controlled my finger and clicked five shiny debut stars I didn t see myself like a book about puberty problems, hormonal changes, acne scars they actually leave both mental and physical scars on human bodies I m talking about 13 year old, curly, chubby, tomboy version of myself whose face covered with tons of them Yikes and being at a vulnerable state because of your dysfunctional family issues and unbearable heaviness to take your first steps to the adulthood Yes, it sounds like memory trip to torturous page of your own life And of course the author didn t draw a lovely picture and wrote hearts and flowers novel about that term and Natalie s problems when she s welcomed to her adulthood Her parents are getting divorced and they re separated for a long time but they kept lying to her Her two best friends are still dating, making big future plans And she has no idea what she s going to do with her future She still feels like third wheel when she hangs out with her two besties She is smart but she also suffers from low self esteem because of the scars on her body She doesn t like to drink She doesn t like partying She doesn t know how to start a conversation when she is out of her inner circle and surrounded by new people So yes, she is socially weird, shy and insecure And you may guess that she s never been kissed and had a romantic relationship.But surprise, surprise She s invited to a party by his best friend Zach s brother Alex and his friend Owen She tells herself she likes Owen a little But at the end of night, she realizes she starts to form a crush on her best friend s brother Alex.They re so opposite of each other Alex likes partying, playing football, attending social gatherings, having lots of friends, working at a pub and he is experienced about the relationship He s not some kind of man whore or bad boy but he has not good reputation when it comes to the girlfriends.But don t worry This book is not sweet, swoony romance It has realistic, a little bit harsh but objective approach to the young adults worlds Their fears, future plans, their problematic minds, reactions, the way of looking at the outside world, relations are told genuinely I loved all those characters their challenges, their questioning minds and their way of embracing the life.It was entertaining to hide in Natalie s head and read her inner monologues which are sarcastic, smart, genuine and unique And the part she was discussing with Alex to have sex with him made me laugh so much It s like watching an entertaining, original independent young adult movie It reminded me of Booksmart a little bit Overall I enjoyed writing which kept my attention alive and ending of the book made me wish I hope the author writes a sequel because I love those characters and I wanted to know about their future stories.Guess what I think I had another good read at the end of the year and for getting some inspiration I have to get my plane tickets ASAP to visit Australia.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    The US Edition is now available to request on Netgalley YA coming of age, modern day, contemporary romance that ticks every box.Debut Australian author, Nina Kenwood s moving portrayal of a shy, sheltered teenager on the cusp of adulthood is honest, frank, insightful, inspirational, and charming, with some hilarious moments Three pages in and I was completely devoted to this captivating book, and Natalie s relatable voice instantly transported me right back to the awkwardness and experiences of my own teen years.Natalie s life is in limbo It s her summer after High School, and she s not sure what her future holds Exam results are in, but Natalie won t know which university she s been accepted into until the New Year Her two best friends Zach and Lucy have recently fallen in love with one another, and she s feeling like a third wheel Then, on Christmas Day, out of the blue, her parents announce they are separating.Where does that leave Natalie But a chance invitation to a party changes everything.Things are looking up.It s a time of new and exciting, transition and uncertainty, as Natalie tries to make sense of who she is and where she fits, as she is forced to let go of what is familiar and comfortable, and tentatively explore the unknown Natalie is naive and introverted than your average 18 year old Since puberty she has been afflicted with severe, deliberating acne resulting in body image issues, social anxiety, and depression, and spent much of her high school years hiding away from the world in the sanctity of her house Acne is a delicate topic, one most of us myself included have felt self conscious about at some point, yet this is the first YA novel I ve ever read to feature a protagonist with bad skin, and focus on it so openly Even though at the start of this novel Natalie s acne is now minimised by medication, she still bears the physical and emotional scars, and has traumatic flashbacks Winter is my season Long coats, boots, big jumpers, puffer vests, beanies, giant scarves, jackets with hoods These are safety blankets for anyone who is uncomfortable in their skin I completely embraced Natalie s journey as she gradually began to accept and open herself up to others, and realise that she is not the only person with insecurities and problems Her relationships with her parents, her two besties, and her romantic interest whose identity I won t spoil are realistic, touching, and sweet Oh, and a special shout out to Zach s wonderful, supportive family they re adorable.At 288 pages it s a quick read, so not too daunting if your teenager isn t a voracious reader The perfect book for parents caregivers to read, and discuss, with their daughters and sons Content rating some sexual content, alcohol abuse, a couple of instances of swearing, but nothing above pg If you don t fall in love with It Sounded Better in My Head, like I did, then there s something wrong with you.

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    Nina Kenwood s debut is an absolute gem Charming and authentic, an entertaining story about first love, figuring out what you want to do with your life, and who you really are Natalie is an introverted, awkward, smart, and sassy 18 year old who has just graduated from high school and is about to find out where her future is headed Natalie has no idea what she really wants to do in the future and this concerns her Not only that she is extremely self conscious most of that stemming from having struggled with terrible acne for most of her teens This book will bring you back to your teenage years and your own first love It is so witty and hilarious, Natalie s inner monologues are priceless There was the most awkward,real, hilarious ever party and almost sex scene in this book, I was laughing and cringing so hard Natalie it s such an endearing and relatable character that you will definitely get behind I loved her friendships with her Besties Lucy and Zach, and totally understood the third wheel struggle The romance was so innocent, sweet, awkward, and adorable This is a can t miss for all teens and anyone who has ever been a teen What a dazzling debut, looking forward to what s next from Miss Kenwood.This book in emojis Big thank you to Flatiron Books for my gifted copy of this book All opinions are my own.

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    The following book reviews have been shared by Text Publishing publisher of It Sounded Better in My Head Loved Loved Loved it Melina Marchetta I loved this delightful, funny, big hearted book Natalie s wry internal voice really spoke to the awkward teen me Melissa Keil This book is delicious beautiful, funny, real and supremely honest I devoured it Claire Christian An adorably awkward and real romance It was love at first chapter for me Emily Gale The most gorgeous, tender hearted, funny and beautifully awkward story I ve read all year I loved this book Just inhaled it Rebecca Sparrow I loved it Fresh and original contemporary realism leavened with humour, beautifully crafted with relatable characters this is a novel to relish and recommend Lynndy Bennett, Gleebooks A beautiful story about teenage love and heartache Reading it I wanted to tell teenage me that although life doesn t always work out the way you think it will, it always works out just the way you need it to Natalie Yabuka, Oscar and Friends It Sounded Better In My Head is the best novel about first love and teenage life I have read in a very long time From the first moment I started reading it I knew it was something special and couldn t put it down Claire Leyton, Harry Hartog Woden I absolutely adored this book It Sounded Better In My Head is deeply tender coming of age story about first love, friendship and the all the horrifying awkwardness of navigating young adulthood Thrumming with wonderfully nuanced and vividly depicted emotion, this book will make your heart soar, while also making you laugh Packed full of wry humour and an utterly lovable cast of characters including one of the most achingly vulnerable and deeply relatable narrators I have encountered in a long time this book is a delight to read and I am already looking forward to whatever Nina Kenwood writes next Sarah McDuling, Booktopia I m not sure I will adequately express my love for this book A big hearted, positive and hilarious portrayal of the excruciating awkwardness and insecurity of young adulthood Utter perfection Emma Leslie, Dymocks Melbourne I absolutely adored this novel by Nina Kenwood It is a raw and painfully real account of being completely uncool, figuring out what you re doing with your life, finding a boyfriend and dealing with the breakup of your parents I laughed alot , I cringed alot , I might even have shed a few tears I think teenagers will really relate to the authentic voice and fall a little bit in love with the voice of Natalie, just like I did Angela Crocombe, Readings Kids I was compelled to keep reading, as it threw me way back to being a teenager, leaving school and not knowing for sure what was to come next I loved that whilst Natalie had her hang ups, like everyone does, she was brave and honest and tried That s all we can do in this life A wonderful coming of age story Beck Hutcheson, Avenue Bookshop Funny and honest and loaded with great characters You know a book works when you feel like you ve made friends by novel s end and you care about these characters I cared about Natalie and Lucy and Zach and Alex Paul MacDonald, The Children s Bookshop This is a brilliant book It captures so many of those unspoken moments of young adulthood those insecurities that seem both too weird and too normal to voice It s perfect for school leavers, third wheels and anyone feeling a little bit lost It s a relief to read and surprised so many laughs out of me I think every 15 should be given this next Christmas Genevieve Kruyssen, Where the Wild Things Are Nina Kenwood has created nuanced and authentic characters, each caught up in their trajectory towards adulthood a gorgeous and funny coming of age novel that perfectly captures the awkward, liminal nature of adolescence Books Publishing A deeply tender coming of age story about first love, friendship, and all the horrifying awkwardness of navigating young adulthood Thrumming with wonderfully nuanced and vividly depicted emotion, this book will make your heart soar, while also making you laugh Booktopia This book is a rare gem a simple story told with an utterly authentic and humorous voice that portrays with great empathy the insecurities and confusion of young adulthood an absolute knockout of a novel that will win over hearts and minds everywhere Readings A n outstanding book that captures perfectly the liminal moment at the end of high school before real life begins in my opinion, it s the younger, funnier cousin of Sally Rooney s Normal People, and I think Nina is about to become quite famous Alison Huber I loved every word of it Kenwood captures so many late teenage feelings so perfectly I really couldn t stop thinking of Sally Rooney s work while I read this book the clear, conversational prose is absolutely spot on, and every scene is keenly observed If you only read one YA book this year, make it this one Kill Your Darlings A sweet, funny and relatable account of the dramas of those grappling with late adolescence Kenwood masters with aplomb the dialogue of her characters Age An appealing and clever exploration of teenage fears and joys Magpies Compared to Sally Rooney and Judy Blume, Kenwood is a major talent and this charismatic, booknerdishly cool novel is an absolute delight Give it to your favourite teenager or keep it for yourself InDaily

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    Natalie has been blindsided by her parents separation, despite them having slept in separate bedrooms for the past ten months Vowing to remain friends and speaking in calming tones, it s just another aspect of Natalie s life she no longer has control over.Growing up, Natalie didn t have it easy, each day her body rallied against her, leaving her self esteem in a shambles and her confidence battered and bruised Her painful acne outbreaks, heavy periods and wanting the world to open and swallow her whole and although her skin these days is a little clearer and she has friends she can turn to in her hours of need, Natalie still sees herself as the lonely girl who was so desperately in need of a friend.I can t even begin to tell you how refreshing it is to see a young adult protagonist who s real Natalie is the every girl, often painfully shy, an introvert who chooses to stay home as often as possible Growing up, Natalie s confidence was non existent, especially with her painful acne breakouts She would try to disappear behind the curtain of her hair and not draw attention to herself, it was easier to become invisible than to have people talking about your bad skin But still, they did When you re lacking in confidence and self esteem, any self perceived flaw makes you a target Bad skin, weight and in my case, horrifically frizzy hair and outbreaks If Natalie can talk about it, I can certain lay bare.Fifteen was a difficult age for me This was before the age of hair straighteners, when we would literally lay our head down on our mother s ironing board and iron our hair straight If I had great hair then people wouldn t look too closely at my face, which was horrifically acne prone Like Natalie, I was on medication twice daily to control my outbreaks but once I turned sixteen, it magically disappeared Spoiler, my hair is still frizzy Anyone who says being a teen are the best years of your life They re either lying or too old to remember Your teen years are some of the most difficult Being a party person is completely overrated, just ask Natalie She s content to hang with friends Lucy and Zach, both of who she met at a camp a few years ago Natalie was the mutual friend until Zach and Lucy started hooking up, now they re in a relationship and although they include Natalie in most of their plans, it s a bit awkward when your two best friends are having sex and Natalie s sick of being the third wheel and wouldn t mind meeting her special someone When Zach s super hot brother Alex and friend Owen invite Natalie to a party, her anxiety is sent into overdrive Why are super hot people even talking to her, never mind inviting her to a party It has to be a joke, right Oh the romance Adorable No doubt that Alex is hot but Natalie also assumes with his hotness comes arrogance and he s really quite a sweet boy who s just ridiculously good looking He also thinks Natalie is beautiful What I really liked about Alex was that he also allowed Natalie to set the parameters of their relationship and ensuring she was always comfortable It was frustrating to see those around Natalie not so keen on their relationship, warning her that Alex would ultimately hurt her Natalie seemingly felt as though they were insinuating that she was naive or Alex s interest would wander Although their concerns came from a place of looking out for Natalie, it was disappointing that no one had faith in their ability to make it work.Oh Natalie, I feel you When you ve been down on yourself for so long and watched enough eighties movies where the ordinary girl next door is invited on a date with the super hot random guy, it never ends well If movies have taught me anything, we can t all be Drew Barry returning to high school, nabbing the hot unobtainable guy and the teacher Especially as females, we convince ourselves that we re not worthy and when these moments of happiness present themselves, we re squinting and looking around for the asshole who s sniggering at our demise.Natalie is the perfect example of pushing ourselves out of those pyjama wearing comfort zones, it s shit your pants scary but it s how we also grow as people Through experiences Natalie doesn t transform into the beautiful swan, she s beautiful as she is but she does start to realise her self worth and realise that not everyone is worthy of her There s nothing sexier than a woman finding her confidence and Natalie is beginning to develop hers in spades It Sounded Better in My Head is a narrative that contains adolescent issues seldom mentioned in young adult literature, periods and the fear of bleeding through our underwear while in public, about polycystic ovary syndrome, painful acne, our confidence and worth Even as adults, seeing a character like Natalie gracing our pages helps us to feel vindicated, that it s not just me who experienced this, Natalie is someone who understands the ache we carry through to our adult years, of our rattled confidence and the feeling of not being so alone.I have never found a character relatable than Natalie She s you, she s the girl next door, she s your sister, your best friend She s me It s books like this that I needed as a teen, a friend, someone you can confide in For the girl with breakouts and acne prone skin, the girl who made it through puberty with stretch marks, the girl who has no idea what to do with her pubic hair or the one who wears two pads and is still worried about a heavy period Hands up who had at least one incident of bleeding through their pants in high school So embrace your weird bits because all women are beautiful I ve been there Natalie, hang in there girl.

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    Trigger warnings for view spoiler body shaming internalised external , cheating discussed, alcohol consumption, emesis, and bullying hide spoiler

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    First time in a long time that I have read a book in one sitting Such an enjoyable, engaging conversational style of writing I reckon many girls reading this will easily relate to Natalie I empathized with her acne agony and felt the cringe worthiness of her social isolation and awkwardness Was I reading a novel or holding a mirror to my teen self albeit last century Great mix of teen characters joyous, funny and at times quite poignant.

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    It Sounded Better In My Head is the first novel by Australian author, Nina Kenwood, and winner of the 2018 Text Prize of YA and Children s Writing When Natalie s father announces on Christmas Day that he and her mother are separating, it s a shock This news, and their infuriatingly calm manner of imparting it, is almost eclipsed, however, by the fact that they kept this from her for ten months Her world already somewhat disordered when her two best friends, Zach and Lucy decided they were in love has now turned upside down Further disruptions to her reassuringly predictable, neatly mapped out life are not welcome, and when Alex decides to take a romantic interest in Natalie, she s wary, even sceptical surely he s not genuinely interested there must be some other motive An added complication is that Alex is Zach s older brother, and Zach is uncomfortable with the whole situation for a number of reasons, only one of which doesn t totally irritate Natalie Kenwood gives the reader a cast of very believable characters who are appealing for all their flaws and quirks Eighteen year old Natalie is, as Zach says, smart, funny and interesting Kenwood includes lots of entertaining dialogue which means that readers should avoid reading this novel in the quiet carriage on public transport as the inevitable laughing out loud might disturb other travellers, but this also means it would make an excellent telemovie For the extremely fortunate many who will never suffer it, in Natalie s description of her experience with cystic acne Kenwood shines a spotlight on the effects, both physical and psychological, of this devastating condition pimples that turned, almost overnight, into deep cystic acne Thick, hard, welt like lumps formed under my skin on my back, shoulders, neck and face It was gross I was gross I woke up every day thinking that for a long time In particular, thoughtless, uninformed or downright nasty comments from strangers about appearance undermine self esteem My body was a shameful disaster I was too embarrassed to go outside unless I absolutely had to No, it was worse than that I was too embarrassed to exist to the extent that Natalie actually decides my parents are splitting up is a refreshingly normal and acceptable problem to have, and it s far less embarrassing than an I have an infected pimple that s so huge and disfiguring that it has sent me into a spiral of depression so I won t be getting out of bed today kind of issue So Natalie s anxiety over what could be her first love and possibly first sex is, naturally, enhanced by her insecurity, and her second guessing just about every social interaction is hardly unexpected Her voice is genuine, often self deprecating, and her inner monologue oscillates between hilarious and heart breaking.While it is labelled Young Adult and will definitely appeal to that age group, that does not mean that older adults will not enjoy it This is an outstanding debut novel if you ve overdosed on psychological thrillers lately, take a break with this delightfully fresh and funny feel good story.This unbiased review is from a copy provided by Text Publishing

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    It Sounded Better in My Head is heart warming, adorable, relatable and exactly what I needed to read Having graduated high school, Natalie hears that her parents will be separating and she also starts dating for the first time She s on the cusp of major change in her life that will be happening whether she likes it or not Natalie s voice is immediately relatable, describing her insecurities with having acne and anxious thoughts about her friends, future, parents splitting up and pretty much everything She s an introvert who prefers the comfort of her own home and predictable routines, but when she starts dating a party boy who also happens to be her best friend s brother, her life as she knows it gets tipped upside down.I loved how it focused on the comfort of her close knit friendship group and navigating the awkwardness of her two best friends dating She relies on Lucy and Zach for providing the much needed support and advice and they just felt so wholesome This doesn t mean things are always rosy however, as the three of them have much to work through.The romance was incredibly endearing from obsessing over texts, to fantasising about her love life, to learning to communicate with her new date it really captures the essence of first love and working things out together Things aren t all perfect however, Natalie guards a lot of her pain with sarcastic remarks and thinly veiled passive aggressiveness, and her parents take the brunt of it as she works out how she feels about their separation Sometimes I wished that she would be empathetic towards her parents, and even her friends who still made the effort to include her even though they were together Check out Happy Indulgence Books for reviews I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is one of my favourite books of 2019 It Sounded Better in My Head is a gorgeous and hilarious YA debut about friendship, longing and how to navigate life after high school The protagonist Natalie is a quirky big hearted girl whose parents have announced they re getting a divorce Turning to her best friends Zach and Lucy, who have recently become a couple, she s left feeling awkward and unsure about her life Why hasn t it turned out how she expected it to And when she starts spending time with Zach s older brother Alex, things only become much complicated Nina s writing is effortless and tender, creating characters that feel like your real life friends and whose problems you want to help solve I laughed and cried and fell in love with how perfectly Nina captures the teenage experience and just how awkward and funny it is when you have no idea what to do with a boy or girl you like.

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