[Reading] ➷ The Spiritual Truth, a Guide Into All Truth. By Aunidan Christi – Go2deal.co.uk

The Spiritual Truth, a Guide Into All Truth. The Spiritual Truth, A Guide Into All Truth Will Take The Reader On A Magical Journey Of Discovery Into Truths Long Forgotten By Humankind The Reader Will Be Fully Introduced To Our Heavenly Mother, The Love, Partner, Co Creator And Daily Delight Of Our Heavenly Father, The Most High God The Reader Will Be Shown Many Secrets And Where Exactly To Find Our Heavenly Mother In Your Jewish, Christian And Islamic Writings, Including The Torah, Bible And Quran You Will Also Meet Mary Magdalene And Their Three Children Who I Name In This Book, Who Themselves Went Forth As All Within Adam And Eve S Bloodlines Did Creating The Eternal Bloodline Which Bridges The Gap Between Heavenly Human Beings Who Then Became Earthly Human Beings So Join Me On This Journey Of Discovery For The Hour Is Late And The Time Is At Hand And The Spirit And His Bride Say, Come THE BEGINNING IS NEAR SAN DOM DE NANTA VAN SAN NANTESS ESTANTO

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