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The Biggest Story ABC From Adam And Eve In The Garden Of Eden To Zion And The New Creation World, The Bible Is Telling One Big Story The Story Of God S Promise To Deliver His People Kevin DeYoung, Best Selling Author Of The Biggest Story, Has Written A New Board Book To Help Kids Ages 1 To 3 To Make Connections From Genesis To Revelation And From A To Z Each Page Introduces A New Letter Of The Alphabet With Engaging And Whimsical Illustrations From Award Winning Artist Don Clark, Retelling The Biblical Narrative In One Continuous Story This Board Book Is A Fun Way For Parents To Introduce Their Small Children To The Big Story Of The Bible.

  • Board Book
  • 32 pages
  • The Biggest Story ABC
  • Kevin DeYoung
  • 02 June 2019
  • 9781433558184

About the Author: Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung is the Senior Pastor at University Reformed Church RCA in East Lansing, Michigan, right across the street from Michigan State University.

10 thoughts on “The Biggest Story ABC

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    Jesus Wins The Christian message told by the ABC s starting in the Garden with Adam and ending in Zion The gospel with who God is and what he has done brings your child and you to the Good news Each letter is given to the gospel and in doing so, your child is learning their ABC s by sight and sound With colorful illustrations, it engages a family devotion of redemp...

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    I have not yet read The Biggest Story How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden, but I would like to get ahold of it at some point, because I really like the idea of learning to view the Bible as one big story But I was excited to see a board book version, because that s about the stage we re at I really like it I will say, if you re looking for an alphabet book that s aimed at preschoolers and presents a concrete physical item for each letter, you ll want something else for that and there are tons of other ABC books out there from basics like My First ABC to just about any subject matter This book s main purpose is to communicate the big story of the Bible in a linear way, while focusing on one term for each letter, and I think it does a great job even though, like I said, some of the terms are on the abstract side Curse, Law, Naughty, Quiet, etc So while the language is simple enough for preschoolers, it can work just as well for kindergarten aged kids since the alphabet gives it a linear framework.The only letter I didn t really care for was G for gnats while talking about Egypt and the plagues I mean the G isn t even pronounced surely there are other words that would have worked better God Glory shrug Overall though, this is a really great book for introducing children to the big story of the Bible Author Kevin DeYoung comes at it from a Reformed perspective, and while I enjoyed and appreciated it without being a Calvinist, I c...

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    Pro s pretty brilliantly covers the basic concept story of the Bible in 26 pages illustrations are beautiful and not overly detailed no clear skin tones, etc Con s while theologically accurate for the most part, there are a couple pages that didn t feel right for me as a KJV studier examples, God sent gnats in Exodus or that we are headed to Zion It would be better to read this as a story rather than an ABC study because some of the letters are a bit of a stretch That being said, while most of the story flows chronologically, there are a couple places that may feel off I was hoping to use this as an introduction to the whole concept of the Bible for my toddler, bu...

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    The illustrations are beautiful and the story is well written I read this to my children at a friends house and will definitely be purchasing a copy for our home

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    Behind the scenes video plus preview of entire book

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    This is a children s book written by Christian pastor, theological professor and Christian writer Kevin DeYoung DeYoung is probably better known for his works for an adult Christian general audience This is what I believe his second children s book and he brings his writing skill to share biblical truths in a way that is accessible to his specific audience which in this instance is for children ages 1 to 3.I love how the author wrote this book based upon the ABCs of the English alphabet For instance A is for Adam and DeYoung tells us that in the beginning God created Adam and Eve Parents reading this to their children will be able to expose their kids not only to biblical truths but also to the Alphabet I thought it was pretty cool with how the book was a biblical theology marching from Genesis to Revelation beginning with God s creation and ending with God s new creation It s kind of neat to see that summary of the Bible Each Alphabet covers a page that has a picture of the word of that letter.Since it is a children s book of course there is illustrations The illustrator Don Clark at times gives pictures that are abstract and maybe too abstract for the child...

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    A Different Unusual ABC Board BookMost ABC board books for small children use the letters of the alphabet to focus on a single word like Apple or Ball Instead Kevin DeYoung tells the story of creation, the fall of mankind, then the message of the Old Testament melds into the salvation of the world through God sending Jesus Christ The combination of the focused message is combined with the beautiful illustrations from Don Clark Instead of the normal where each letter is focused on a single word, DeYoung has the particular word in a sentence for that letter For example, M They needed a Messiah to make things right Or N But God s people were Naughty almost all the time The distinctions make the text flexible than the normal ABC book and entertaining for young children The creative tw...

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    DeYoung walks readers through God s plan for humanity and salvation as outlined in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation by using one sentence phrases that highlight and explain one term that starts or incorporates for X the letter of the alphabet.This is an exemplary work of summarizing the message of the Bible succinctly and doing it chronologically AND alphabetically There are people who have written entire multi volume doorstoppers to say what DeYoung says in just 26 sentences Ki...

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    This is a beautifully simple, theologically sound ABC storybook The overall story of the Bible is all there and flows smoothly even with the alphabetical constraints Though geared for children ages 1 3, I think a slightly older child could memorize this book and have a good basic understanding of God s story It s written well and has interesting though somewhat abstract pictures to go with each page.This is the board book version of The Biggest Story How the Snake Crusher Brings Us B...

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    I loved The Biggest Story How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden and didn t think you could net the essence of the Bible down to much shorter of a story but Kevin DeYoung has done it with his new book The Biggest Story ABC Board Book In 26 phrases he has captured the essence of God s love for his people us and how Jesus not only rescues us from our sins but is our Victor and how we will g...

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