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Black Belt Bunny Black Belt Bunny Is Fast And Strong And Has Seriously Awesome Moves From Front Kicks To Back Flips To Air Chops Then He S Faced With Something New, Something Every Bunny Must Learn, Something He Might Not Be As Good At He Has To Make A Salad Black Belt Bunny Tries To Escape He Even Disguises Himself With A Fake Mustache But When He Finally Hops To It, He Discovers That His Seriously Awesome Moves Come In Pretty Handy.

10 thoughts on “Black Belt Bunny

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    3.5 stars Cute, will see if my class likes it.

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    He s a black belt bunny but he s reluctant to learn how to make a salad Eventually though he puts those black belt skills to good use.

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    Both the awesome Black Belt Bunny and the narrator learn a bit about trying new things, but in a very funny and cute way

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    Black Belt Bunny is an expert at all the best karate moves When faced with the challenge of creating a salad, something all bunnies love, Black Belt Bunny uses kicks and flips to chop and toss the perfect green masterpiece The energetic and determined bunny even surprises the reader narrator by introducing some new vegg...

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    Also, Black Belt Bunny can be extremely quiet, and surprisingly sneaky There shouldn t be a second comma, right Whoopsie.Not gonna lie, the comma thing threw me off right off the bat, and the book didn t really recover I mean it s fine It s a book I think I wish I had been warned that...

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    Black Belt bunny has many talents Bunny is great at running fast, center chopping, and knee dropping Will bunny be able to make a salad A great way of teaching little ones to use the skills they ve learned in other pursuits when ...

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    The narrative of this book allows readers to interact with the main character, which is fun However, I m not sure about the purpose or intent of this book, perhaps health awareness The fact that the bunny makes a salad seemed disappointing to me.

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    This is a great read aloud option for storytimes about healthy eating and trying new things I really enjoyed it It s also super funny and spins the whole story back on the narrator, which always makes for big laughs.

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    You had me at bunny This a super fun, nicely illustrated book that is fun on many levels 1 A Bunnyalways a winner 2 Karate black belt Exercise 3 Healthy Eating4 Trying new things and a Bunny I really enjoyed this Very Expressive Bunny Face

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