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In Tune with the Moon 2012 Updated For Alignment With The 2012 Lunar Cycles, This Detailed Guide Includes Information On The Waxing And Waning Moon, The Constellations And The Chinese Zodiac, And An Abundance Of Gardening Tips The Effects Of The Moon On Plants, Flowers, Fruits, And Vegetables Are Explained In Simple But Ample Detail, And Recommendations For The Ideal Times To Sow, Transplant, Rotate Crops, And Harvest Are Provided This Guide Explains How Animal Husbandry, Beekeeping, And Even Beer Brewing And Wine Making Yield Better Results When Done In Concert With The Lunar Cycle In Addition To Gardening And Farming Advice, Suggestions For Living Life In Tune With The Moon Are Offered, Such As The Optimum Time For A Haircut Or Even When And What To Eat An Extensive Color Coded Daily Diary Section Makes It Easy To Record Reminders And Daily Gardening Tasks This Biodynamic Approach To Gardening In Harmony With The Moon Is A Simple And Green Way To Boost Garden Yields And Live A Better Life.

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    Always been fasinated with planting by the moon, my grandmother used to follow this for her planting of fruit flowers and veggies, though im sure it wasn t as complex as this Granted im a lil late in the year to follow properly, If you love science like me but are a little slow in figuring it out, this book is ok, I say ok as at a glace you look at all the beautiful laid out planner and go WTF it looks so complicated, but its worth the patience,as it does explain things pretty well, it doesnt just follow planting and harvesting it follows various other things you do within your everyday life, though personally unless you are not working I cannot see how you can completely have your life around the phases of the moon I most likely wont by the 2013 book next year I will just get a wall planner that is just for planting and harvesting phases, But this book is worth the read for a clearer understanding, but it does require your full attention to understand and to add af...

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