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Elvis Road Hieronymus Bosch Meets Richard Scary A Stunning Art Book Which Unfolds Into A 24 Foot Long Cartoon Landscape In Which A Paradoxical Mix Of Terrifying Social Commentary And Cartooning Fun A Single Drawing A World Overflowing With Hundreds Of Mini Narratives With Armed Maniacs, Rampaging Crowds, Chaotic Policemen, A Tree House Of Women, A Forest Of Literal Tree Huggers, And Hordes Of Shoppers, Frenzied, Inspired, And Dense 8,433 Characters, 3,546 Vehicles, 1,847 Buildings, 763 Cartoon Icons, 526 Corporate Billboards, 189 Religious Figures, 25 Parade Floats, 1 Super Dildo, A Junkyard Purgatory, A Porno Strip Mall, And A Free Flowing Visual Fantasia Corporate Culture And The Mass Media Have Finally Come Unglued.

10 thoughts on “Elvis Road

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    Not a book, not a comic strip or graphic novel, can t be read anythan the Bayeaux Tapestry can be read Brilliant, brilliant and, er, brilliant.

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    Seriously, this is probably the best thing I will ever hold in my hands my entire life I m not kidding.

  3. says:

    frickin insane.

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